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RJO eConcierge: The One-Stop IT Support Portal for Your Business.

The RJO eConcierge app provides clients with a comprehensive solution for managing their interactions with the RJO Tech Support team and Executive Management. With features like direct messaging, tech support chat, file sharing, online meetings, video clips, collaboration, e-sign, and more, clients can easily streamline their operations and optimize their performance.

Flow, a critical component of RJO eConcierge, empowers RJO Networks to create automated workflows that aid their teams and clients in acknowledging credentials, simplifying processes, testing and generating reports and performance, and more. This helps streamline operations, differentiate them from competitors, and ultimately helps them to achieve their vision.

The RJO eConcierge app is designed with businesses in mind and can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play. This project is a collaborative effort between TROZLAN, TROZLAN Magic, and RJO Networks (MSP).

The objective of the app is to:

  • Address pain points such as difficulties in organizing operation data, inefficient MSP service support, difficulties in monitoring staff performance, and the need for improved communication with customers.

  • Overcome challenges such as limited growth potential and difficulties with remote work.

  • Provide an effective tool for process and procedure development to help businesses differentiate themselves from competitors.

  • Meet the requirement for innovative tools to realize the business vision.

App Store :

Google Play:


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