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RJO Networks, our sister company, has tested our marketing and operation automation as a prototype. They are now successfully utilizing our system for PC/NAS/SERVER Maintenance through our recurring operation automation scheduling request.

One of the key components of our solution is the "Sales Pipeline" which has been implemented in RJONetworks' marketing and sales strategy, planning, and matrix.

We work closely with RJONetworks in a competitive MSP environment, and have deployed various marketing strategies through their platform. The sales pipeline functions include campaign training for the team, opportunity reminders, marketing and sales reports, sales reminders, sales closing, sales reconciliation, feedback sequences, lead nurturing, sales follow-up, time series, referral campaign building, initial scheduling and rescheduling, remote and onsite scheduling and rescheduling, contacts management, marketing and sales dashboard (downloadable version).

In addition, we offer core campaign training for the team, webinars with the CEO, monthly and annual report presentations, and more to support the sales pipeline.


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